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Department Contact Information

Jeff Davis County Schools
P.O. Box 1780
Hazlehurst, GA 31539
Phone: 912-375-6700 ext. 6010
Fax: 912-375-6703
Staff Photo Name: Janice Conley
Title: School Nutrition Program Director
Phone: 912-375-6700 ext. 6010 Direct 912-699-6010

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Staff Photo Name: Alisa Jones
Title: School Nutrition Program Bookkeeper
Phone: 912-375-6700 ext. 6011 Direct 912-699-6011

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Staff Photo Name: Minnie Hall
Title: Little j Cafe` Manager (Pre-K)
Phone: 912-375-6744 ext. 1278 Direct 912-699-1278

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Staff Photo Name: Deborah Davis
Title: Lil` Stingers Cafe` Manager (Primary)
Phone: 912-375-6725 ext. 2121 Direct 912-699-2121

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Staff Photo Name: Margaret Rentz
Title: JD's Dockside Diner Manager (Elementary)
Phone: 912-375-6735 ext. 3142 Direct 912-699-3142

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Staff Photo Name: Peggy Sickles
Title: The Buzz Manger (Middle)
Phone: 912-375-6755 ext. 4306 Direct 912-699-4306

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Staff Photo Name: Angela Burkett
Title: JD Diner Manager (High)
Phone: 912-375-6765 ext. 5297 Direct 912-699-5297

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Join Our Team!

Join our team... applications available upon request. Substitutes are needed, check out Source4Teachers here to begin the application process. Just click "Apply Now" from theSource4Teachers website, no login is required.